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  • 42% Drama
  • 10% Mystery
  • 8% Fantasy
  • 8% Crime
  • 7% Sci-Fi
  • 5% Adventure
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Just a hard working social worker who loves her shows..

Favorite Series

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1
Here i was, enjoying my morning coffee watching game of Thrones when all of a sudden i see Ed Sheeran in it..and i wasn't dreaming.
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2 Episode 3
It is mind blowing to me that there are predators who pray on children and use them for their own gain.
No Offence
This show is absolutely amazing.. but then again i do love a good British cop show..
Second Chance (2016)
stumbled in here and found this jem... i love it. It's a good storyline with respect for the vieuwers intellect . a pinch of dramma with a tat humor and good action.. yep, im hokked.
Making a Murderer
Im in total shock! Did that policeman really say "If we wanted to get rif of Steve we could have killed him"? I was just as baffled as his lawyer was.. This towns police and AD's clearly have something to hide.
The Flash
Great show. i think i know who Zoom i though.. I think it's his dad.. not sure but just a hunch..
Downton Abbey
Im a late starter with this show. Never layed eyes on it till far in to the second season so i binchwatched season 1 and i was hooked. It's such a shame that with season 5 the show will end. But i guess nothing lasts forever. I've enjoyed this show very much and made me think a little of the old English show Upstairs, downstairs..