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Siren (2018)
Technically, both Danyboy and Th3Dokt0r are correct, depending on which source you use. The Greeks often depicted the Sirens, as Women with Bird-like features, including wings. However, in places like the Philippines, they have records dating back that portray them very closely to the ones seen in this series, without wings. The problem occurs with translation, as the same word was used to describe both Sirens and Mermaids. They were interchangeable, based on context. ^-^ As for the series, so
@Ethan1995 - Fringe Reboot? waiting till more episodes are out to watch, just in case its half decent..
Not sure why people are comparing this to the movie by the same title, put out in 2010. They are not the same story. This Legion will tell the story of the super (Antihero) known as, well, Legion, son of Xavier. So far in just the first episode, we have met with I want to say 5? of his Personalities. Each of these personalities comes with a different power. The comics contained many MANY personalities for Legion. Time will tell how deep into the story we get for season 1, Im hoping with start of
Emerald City
Surprisingly not a bad pilot. It warps the way the story is told, turning the Lead into more of a villain, than a hero, in the wonderful land of Oz. definitely adding this to the watch list.