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Favorite Series

The Flash
A little cheesy but a great show nonetheless.
Modern Family
Still managing to love the show as much as I did when it first started.
Horribly overrated show with the most ridiculous type of medical drama for episodes. People praising this show and claiming to be in the medical field are sorely lying or uneducated. He would not be a practicing doctor with his methodology and practices. Hugh Laurie might be a brilliant actor, but even he can't save the mess that is this show.
Still my favorite comedy and a show I'll go back to time after time. It's campy and over the top, but that only adds to the charm. Not that the story needed it, having a great duo in Dulé and James. The show is worth watching for the two of them alone.
One of the best comedies to date. A show about nothing that executes it oh-so-well.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Aside from the original, it's hard to think so highly of another show in the L&O series. D'Onofrio is everything you could ask for and more in a detective, with the added bonus of seeing Noth bring Logan back. While I wasn't a fan of turn Goren's character took in later seasons, the show is still solid and easy to enjoy.
Into the Badlands
Really enjoyed the show! Always a fan of any story that attempts its take on the Journey to the West and Into the Badlands has executed it well so far.
Still a great show with plenty of episodes to keep you entertained. However, looking back, there's a noticeable dislike with how characters behave in the overall show, often acting so selfishly that you wonder why they're friends. I won't complain beyond my own realization, since it's nice to see characters that aren't perfect.
The Muppets
Really enjoyed it and hope to see the series renewed for a second season. While it is for an older audience, I do enjoy how much it keeps the original charm of the muppets, down to the way they're never too raunchy or over the top in blunt adult humor. It took a few episodes to get going, but it's a show that can bring a smile (and occasionally a few chuckles).
Little bit of a slow start but by now I'm officially hooked. I'm going to be sad when this season is over.